R.M. Williams Vehicle Sunshade


Protect your dash and interior from the harsh Tropical sun with a front windscreen shade. Over time, UV from the sun can cause damage to your interior panels, in particular your dash. This can present as fading, bleaching, cracking or flaking of the dash surface and is not an easy or cheap fix. If your car is parked out in the sun, simply installing a front windscreen shade can protect your interior from UV and heat damage and reduces the load on your air conditioning system for when you return by lowering the interior temperature.

This windscreen shade is sized to fit most passenger vehicles on the road, with an accordian style folding design this shade can be quickly and easily stored away in the back seat or boot when not in use.

  • Fully extended size of 68cm x 140cm to suit a wide range of vehicles
  • Protects your car interior from UV damage which can cause bleaching and cracking
  • Keeps your car cool for when you return, reducing the load on your air conditioning system
  • Folds away easily for convenient storage in the back seat or boot
  • Bound and sewn edges reduce tearing and damage caused by consistent use


RM Williams


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